Saturday, December 8, 2012

Who should make your Business WEBSITE

Overwhelming majority of business websites are ineffective (Depending on the market, it ranges between 95% to estimated 98%). The reports confirming these stats have been published over and again with different markets in reference.

I have first hand experience of many years about Dubai businesses and have noticed a similar situation here.

The importance of websites (good effective websites) will keep on increasing with every passing day, as website are and would continue to be the central to all online activities, thus essential.

Today, i will like to address a critical part of this difficult task, that is "How to choose who makes your business Website"

Different options
  1.DIY or In-house
  2.Hire a freelancer
  3.Hire a website company

I recommend hiring a company (not just a website designing company)

What kind of company?

Do not blindly hire a website designing company, which claims having made thousands (even if that is true) of websites. Choose a company which has expertise of Marketing (Online Marketing).

What basic questions to ask before hiring?

   Would our website be visible to search engines?
   Will it be mobile compatible?
   Will it have a tracking code on each page?
   Will you optimize each page for Speed?
   Will it be all browser compatible?
   Will it be ready for online marketing?
   Would each page be unique (in terms tags etc.)?
   Ask for an example of such site they have made.

  Ask for at least one reference from a client.

 Finally, Get it all in writing and proceed.

These are all know as onpage optimisation factors. These have to be right for the website before you invest further in off page optimisation or any other activity.

This would certainly cost you more than option 1 & option 2. However, it is worth the investment.
I guarantee you that eventuality this will  be more cost effective.
If you have any questions or clarifications, i will be happy to answer.

Do Comment what you think.
Many Thanks and keep in touch.


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