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5 Ways to Market Your Business Online

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End of 2012 and we are about to go in 2013. Time to reflect on achievements & to plan online presence for your business. It is not too late (though late) for businesses to get online and start building on it.

Undoubtedly, online presence is going to be an integral part of any marketing efforts for all size companies.

Having said that, it is not always an easy thing to figure out how to do that or at least how to get started especially for businesses small traditional businesses.

Google recommends five ways for all businesses to get online and build it from there.
These are very simple & basic but very powerful inexpensive steps those any size business can take to get seriously online.

Google recommends following

5 Ways to Market Your Business Online

Organic Search
Promote your website through free organic search results.
Best if you’d rather put work into your website instead of buying additional advertising.
Selecting the right text, images, and other content for your website can get your business
noticed by search engines—and customers.

Online Advertising
Be found by potential customers when they’re searching for products or services like yours.
Best if you want to show up when customers are ready to shop.
Online advertising gives you more control over when and where your ads are displayed,
so your ads may appear when searchers are ready to buy.

Local Online Marketing
Reach customers in your region, city or community with local business listings.
Best if you want to drive online customers into your offline location.
Most of people use the Internet to research products or services in their local area, and
local listings get your business in front of thousands of potential customers — often free
of charge.

Social Media

Build a community of customers with social media marketing.
Best if you want to build relationships with your customers—and their friends
and family.
Social media lets you get closer to your customers—start conversations, offer them
exclusive deals, and ask them to recommend your business to their social circles.

Email Marketing
Promote offers and updates to existing customers through email marketing.
Best if you want existing customers to come back for more.
Share promotions, product and business news to re-engage existing customers and earn
repeat business.

Mix and match these five ways to promote your business online and start reaching more

How Get Started ?
In next posts we will look at each way in detail with some useful and practical tips.

See you next year.

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