Thursday, November 29, 2012

Go Digital or Die ! How about print?

Recently, I asked one Question of many of my customers in Dubai.

Q. You seem to be quite busy with orders, why do you want a website?

Case 1-Reply was
Well, one of my dream customers refused to register my company as a supplier because i don't have a website.

Case 2-Reply was
My son won't join my family business unless i have my business website.

Case 3-Reply was
These days every one has it...

Case 4- Reply was
I am loosing business to competition.......... and so on

So all businesses, small or big are realising the importance of getting their business online. However, not many are sure of how?

That was demand part of it. So there is a demand.
(I used website as example because website are central to all our digital decisions & we are still strugling with the idea)

How about supply?

Almost all agencies are offering Digital solutions. 
One such agency, in posh new dubai have a beautiful website home page done with images (only). yeah, there is text but as a part of the images. How good is that? they don't exist for search engines, at least.

There are, however, real good agencies as well.

So there is supply....Some great, some good, bad even ugly!!

How about traditional media's?

All are adding online media (most have already done that) to their portfolio.Some monetizing , some not.

Now here is my point. How much should they (traditional media guys) believe in the saying
                "Go Digital or Die"? 

We recently saw a major regional print media player going out of business because they believed in this statement more than it deserved. 

All businesses in general, as well as Media companies/agencies need to have a plan for this transition.
In this region (Middle East), we don't have much data to rely on (doesn't mean we rely on US statistics), so we need to be in touch with the ground realities and review the offerings.Take slow but firm steps in a definite direction called DIGITAL.

Test, Analyse, Learn, Apply, Listen, Analyse, Apply, Test, Repeat......

P.S.Assumptions are costly

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